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Helping women break free from people-pleasing & perfectionism.
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Hi, I’m Ali!

I help women rediscover their belovedness by climbing out from under the weight of self-criticism, self-doubt, and anxiety – women like you who are tired of pouring out of an empty cup and want to better understand themselves in light of the experiences they’ve endured.

My clients struggle like you do. Underneath the anxiety, the high-achieving, and the people-pleasing lives a sense of hopelessness that they’ll ever be able to bridge the gap between the life they’re living and the life they long for. Hell, half the time they’re not even sure what they want or long for because they’ve never really given themselves permission to go there, and they’ve filled up their entire world with everyone else’s stuff.

The expectations are crushing, the striving is exhausting, the fear is haunting. And they constantly feel like they’re too much and not enough. When they first come to therapy, my clients feel a sense of disconnection from themselves and others that they just can’t seem to shake. But they know in their bones it doesn’t have to be like this. They’ve dared to believe they deserve better.

And they’re right. Like my clients, you deserve to untangle yourself from whatever is keeping you small and stuck. For some, it’s trauma, childhood experiences they can’t shake, toxic relationships, or beliefs they’ve absorbed in their family or faith communities. We’ll work together to explore what it is for you. Because you deserve to feel at home within yourself. To feel free.

Ali Arteaga, lpcc

Trauma Therapist

Where you are

You Are Seen

You Feel Stuck

You feel stuck in anxiety, self-criticism, and overwhelm. You want to prioritize yourself and set boundaries, but the thought of listening to your internal experience feels terrifying. It feels like it’ll consume you if you pay attention. 

You Feel Alone

You’re longing for genuine connection and a sense of belonging. Instead, you feel like you’re constantly managing how everyone else is doing. You feel trapped in a cycle of inauthenticity & one-sided relationships.

You Feel Defective

You have been told you’re too sensitive and need thicker skin. You’ve been convinced your superpowers are flaws. You feel broken, like you can’t trust yourself, like no one really understands you.

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You deserve to feel at home within yourself.
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Trauma Therapy

You never expected to be here. As hard as you’ve tried, you can’t outrun it. And you’re running out of hope. Find resources and support in processing relational trauma, complex trauma, or single-event trauma.

Anxiety Therapy

Tired of feeling burnt out, on-edge, like you can’t let your guard down? Take back your life from constant striving, chasing approval, and comparing yourself to others. You and your needs matter too.

Identity & Self-Esteem

For one reason or another, life has thrust you into rebuilding your sense of self. The compass you rely on to know you’re becoming the most authentic you has been controlled by others for too long. Stop feeling lost and start feeling confident.

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