the scoop on me

Hey lovely! I'm Ali.
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So for the short and sweet stuff…

  • She/her
  • Born and raised in Minnesota
  • Complex trauma survivor
  • Popcorn connoisseur (but the best will always be grandpa’s homemade)
  • Deep feeler and thinker (HSP who lives for the nuance and gray areas)
  • Intimate extrovert (I’m immediately looking for the dog at group events, 1:1 coffee dates are more my speed)
  • Sunshine is cool, but moody weather is my favorite.
  • Obsessed with anything minty (mint chocolate, mojitos, spearmint tea, what’s not to love)
  • I’ll take forests and lakes over beaches or cities any day. 
  • Gilmore Girls super-fan (#TeamJess)
  • Air Force Veteran
  • My husband’s family’s Christmas food spread is the stuff of dreams (I’m salivating just thinking about his mom’s birria and pozole).
my compass

Core Values


It unlocks a thousand doors and is the key to tapping into your inherent wisdom. Together we’ll listen to the story your body holds with curiosity and kindness.


You’re in the driver’s seat. Your choice and voice always come first. We’ll build a space that honors your values and needs so that you feel empowered every step of the way. Always at your pace.


The catalyst for healing. The reason the most important part of this whole process is establishing trust between us and creating a space where you can take off the masks and really be seen. 

"What if we already are who we've been dying to become"

-Sleeping At Last

No time for another to-do.

Finding a therapist is hard. You know you need to find someone, but you already have a million other things to do and you just don’t have time to weed through loads of websites.

So there you are in the pickup line or on your lunch break, scrolling through the 12th therapist profile, or is it 15? And all the words are starting to sound the same. The names and faces and approaches are all running together, and you feel more confused about what might help you than when you started.

You don’t feel like you’re any closer to feeling that spark, to finding someone who just clicks.

Is it too much to ask to find a real human who’s damn good at their job but who also really gets you?

Nope, it’s not. Not. At. All. 

Holding space for every layer of you…

I’m as real as they come, who’s great at what she does, and loves holding space for every layer of you.

I’m the kind of person who’s not afraid to go to dark places and name the heavy and hard things for what they are. But who also helps you rediscover how truly, absolutely, 1000% incredible you are (and actually believe it) without the toxic positivity.

The work you’ll do is no doubt tough, but you won’t be on your own. And by the way, not every moment will be heavy or intense. We’re also gonna laugh and be creative and talk about whatever your latest obsession is. 

And every new way of connecting with yourself or understanding your story all lead you back to reclaiming your power, feeling better, and ultimately feeling a whole lot lighter.

Healing is hard and messy work.

But when we tenderly explore and get curious about what’s hurting, we unlock the door to abundant, authentic living. We find the roadmap guiding us back to you. And that just might be the greatest gift you ever give yourself. That’s what I’m here to hold with you.

If you wanted all the juicy details…

Helping people break free from people-pleasing and perfectionism is personal for me. For much of my life, my people-pleasing pursuits pulled me into neglecting and abandoning myself.

Shrinking myself, swallowing my voice, and being hypervigilant to the needs of others was how I moved through the world. I thought it was the way to find connection, love, safety, belonging. Finding my way back to me might be my life’s greatest work. 

As a survivor of complex trauma, I’m well acquainted with anxiety, disconnection, chronically feeling unworthy, and the disorientation after trauma sets fire to your life. I’ve been to the edge and back. I’ve stared down the scariest parts of my story, the depths of despair, the overwhelming symptoms of PTSD and chronic illness.

And I’ve found beauty and goodness on the other side. I found myself.

And it’s not just me. I’ve had the honor of being invited into others’ healing journeys and have seen their lives absolutely transform. The courage and tenacity and audacity of the amazing humans I get to support is what inspires me to keep doing this work.

There’s something so remarkable about collectively pushing back against suffering and creating beauty together instead.

So when I say I know it’s possible for you to reclaim your voice, your identity, your relationships, the very best of you? I don’t just know it in my bones. I see it in the faces of every single person I’ve journeyed alongside.

It’s there for you, too, when you’re ready.

Ali Arteaga, lpcc

Trauma Therapist

And in case you’re wondering…

Yes, I’m a human just like you. But the spotlight will always stay on you. I’m not a robot, you’ll have a sense of who I am. But you’re never there to caretake me or carry my stuff. I take care of me in my own safe spaces and therapy. I know that seems like a given when it comes to therapy, but you’d be surprised…through and through, the space we create together is for you. 

a space that

Honors your unique story.

Every part of you is welcome here. Inclusivity is not just a buzzword around here but a core value. Fio is committed to cultivating a space in which all people are treated with dignity and respect. A space that empowers folks to be exactly who they are. To that end, Fio celebrates and affirms all bodies, identities, backgrounds, beliefs, abilities and disabilities, ethnicities and races. We are committed to operating from an anti-racist and anti-oppressive lens.

Qualified & Ready

My Credentials

LPCC | Colorado | LPCC.0020360

Denver Seminary: M.A. in
Clinical Mental Health Counseling

Towson University: B.S. in Speech-Language Pathology & Audiology

EMDR Training w/ EMDRIA approved facilitators

Internal Family Systems for Complex Trauma & PTSD w/ Dick Schwartz
(10 hour training)

The Arc of Healing Trauma training w/ Frank Anderson 

The Neurobiology of Trauma training w/ NICABM

How to Ease the Pain of Trauma-Induced Shame training w/ NICABM

Prepare/Enrich Certified Facilitator

Supervised by: Paula Tipton, Ph.D., LPC
Colorado | LPC.0012776

As a lifelong learner, I’m committed to engaging with ongoing clinical supervision, consultation, and advanced training to enhance our work together.

client centered


Mental Health

It’s no secret our current mental health care system is failing.
Therapy influenced by this broken system has a way of leaving
clients falling through the cracks. It undermines how
the therapeutic process works, and it contributes to therapist burnout.
We think clients deserve better. Fio’s practices and policies are
designed to center the humanity of everyone involved.