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Therapy for Men in Colorado
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Maybe you’ve heard…

  • “Man up.”
  • “Stop crying.”
  • “Quit being so sensitive.”
  • “Real men do/don’t…”

And here you are, living in between what you’ve been told about masculinity and how you actually experience your life. It leaves you feeling confused, isolated, unhappy, and unsure of yourself.

You’re told to be strong. You want to be strong. But this version of strength isn’t working.

What if the reason it’s not working has nothing to do with your effort and everything to do with it being an incomplete story about strength and masculinity?


Any of these sound like you?

You’re checking all the boxes that should lead to a fulfilling life, but you’re unsatisfied and unhappy.

You’re consumed by endlessly trying to escape into media, substances, exercise, relationships, or work.

You’re constantly striving to prove yourself, to be enough. Every time it seems like you get closer to reaching the finish line, it moves again. The pressure is crippling, and you’re exhausted.

As soon as one relationship ends, you jump into the next one. You can’t remember the last time you were single.

Anger and aggression are the only emotions considered acceptable in your world, but you feel so out of control when you land there. Or you feel weak for the softer emotions you feel and express.

On the outside you seem confident, but on the inside you feel powerless and insecure.

you’re not alone

Strong Men Need Help Too

Men are raised with messages telling them they’re supposed to be strong, independent, reliable. They’re supposed to provide or lead or rescue. And historically there hasn’t been much diversity when it comes to examples of healthy manhood. No wonder you feel trapped.

Getting support doesn’t mean you’re a failure. It doesn’t mean you’re weak or can’t handle your business.

And I hate that you’ve been told otherwise. Because the truth is, needing help means you’re human. And it sure as hell tells me you care a whole lot for the people in your life that you’re willing to step into something new.  

It takes a lot of courage to invest in yourself, try new ways of connecting with yourself, learn new ways of responding to your emotions, and deal with stress.

how we’ll work together

Counseling for Male-Identifying Folks in Colorado

1. Identify

You’ll have the opportunity to share your story with me. We’ll identify the challenging areas and stuck points of your life, the history behind it, and why it may be surfacing now.

2. Explore

Using approaches that most resonate with you, we’ll begin the work of going deeper to process the aspects of your life in need of attention.

3. Grow

Therapy is both science and art, so some of what you’ll learn will be very practical and tangible. Some of it will be a bit more abstract. And you’ll walk away with a greater sense of self-awareness and confidence (and like yourself a whole lot more).

And By the Way…

Let’s talk about expectations. Growth and healing is a journey, not a destination. Therapy is more like switchbacks than efficient highway roads. If you’re expecting a magic bullet and have everything wrapped up in three simple steps over three weeks (hell, even three months), you will not find that here. Now that doesn’t mean you won’t start to notice a difference early on. It just means that you didn’t get to the point you’re at overnight, so the rewriting and rewiring won’t happen over night either.

Toxic masculinity tells you…

Being emotional is weak, and you’re supposed to be strong.

There’s no room for failure.

Your worth is tied to what you produce and is measured by your success.

Rely on yourself. If you don’t let others in, then you won’t be hurt or disappointed.

Discover Authentic Masculinity in Therapy

Authentic masculinity says…

Emotions are a sign you’re human, and being able to feel throug them is a sign of strength.

Failure is something everyone experiences, and it has nothing to do with your character or identity.

You have worth simply because you exist. It’s baked in.

To be vulnerable is to be human. And vulnerability invites connection and authenticity.

Being in control doesn’t come from denying your emotions or experiences, but from embracing them.

just in case

You’re getting ‘gas station sushi’ vibes…

One look around my website and it’s clearly geared towards women. It’s no secret that I love working with female-identifying folks. AND. I’m just as passionate about supporting men on their wellness journeys too. Men carry so much shame about who they are and how they feel. And the safe spaces to heal and grow are hard to find. That’s why I love teaming up with men to create the safe space they’ve been looking for, help them take what they discover in therapy into their day-to-day, and then watch their lives absolutely transform.

let’s do the damn thing

Ready to feel like you’ve got this?

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2. Invest In Yourself

If we decide we’re a good fit, we’ll start by exploring resources for building trust in our therapeutic relationship and within you. Then, at the pace that feels right to you, we’ll tend to the deeper layers of your experience. 

3. Find Freedom

You’re already enough, it’s time you start believing it. I’m here to help you get there. Rediscover who you are, break the cycle of self-hate that’s holding you back from feeling secure, and embrace the fullness of your life.

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