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Despite how soul-sucking professional life is, you’re stuck.

    There isn’t a question you dread more than the infamous “so what do you do?” It’s already hard enough to convince yourself you care about this job, let alone convince others you’re happy and thriving.

    But despite how miserable you are, you’re immobilized from moving toward your dream job, not sure whether it’s because you have no idea where to begin or because you don’t believe in yourself enough to go after it. Either way, you want out. And you want to do something that matters.

    Or you’re technically checking all the boxes that should lead to a fulfilling life but are still unsatisfied and unhappy. Success is supposed to feel great, and by every measure you’re winning. Except no one talks about how success is actually intimidating as f*ck.

    It feels like one wrong move and everything will come crashing down around you. And you’re not even sure you care about what you’re doing. When you really think about it, all the prescriptions and descriptions of success fall flat.

    But it seems like no one around you is in the same boat, so you figure the problem’s you.


    And relationships keep going to sh*t.

    One glance at your relationship history reveals the same exhausting cycle you’ve never found your way out of.

    The one where you start off thinking this time will be different, only for things to ultimately blow up in your face the same way as before.

    And the worst part is, you lose yourself in these relationships again and again.

    Because you’re afraid of losing them. Because getting close means getting hurt. Because you’re worried you’re not enough. Because you’ve never been the same since that one relationship.

    And you’re so tired of starting over

    Or you’re the long-term relationship guy…

    Trapped in the same frustratingly familiar loop of fights with your partner that leave you feeling like you’re not enough. Your partner is asking for more from you, you’re kids need more, h*ll even you want more for yourself.

    But no matter how many ways you look at this thing, you’re not sure how to make room for more when you’re already at capacity.

    Trying to solve a Rubik’s cube blindfolded would be easier than this. And you’re done with feeling defeated.

    Maybe there’s not much of a relationship history because…

    You can never seem to get beyond the thousand what-if’s of dating and relationships and letting someone in.

    As much as avoiding even the slightest hint of rejection like the plague is your part-time job, you dread the idea of going to one more family gathering or social event, or through one more milestone moment, without someone meaningful to share it with.

    You’re fed up with feeling lonely

    Never enough

    Constantly striving to prove yourself.

    And every time it seems like you get closer to reaching the goal line, it moves again. It’s exhausting. You can’t remember a time when you didn’t feel empty, stagnant, like an imposter, a shell of yourself.

    More solutions, more busyness, more accolades don’t fix how you’re feeling. Everyone around you seems to have themselves and their lives figured out. Then there’s you. 

    Never one to back away from a challenge, you’ve been trying to figure out who you are for what feels like forever. And it doesn’t seem like you’re any closer to that answer than when you started.

    As much as you don’t want to admit it, you’re feeling pretty lost.

    What if I told you, it’s not only you who feels like this.

    And you don’t have to stay stuck. Imagine a life where you…

    • Go for that job you love instead of the role you think you should be doing.
    • Start taking risks in relationships and let yourself be known.
    • Have more capacity to work through the stuck points of your relationship and actually find a much richer connection on the other side.

    Imagine a life where you’re not endlessly trying to escape into media, substances, exercise, relationships, or work anymore.

    A life where you’re no longer wandering aimlessly and instead have an idea of who you are, what matters to you, and what you want out of this life.

    Instead, you have a clearer sense of purpose that transcends the incomplete definitions of success you’ve outgrown.

    Gone are the days of believing…

    • Being emotional or vulnerable is weak.
    • Worth is tied to what you produce or measured by success.
    • Relying on yourself and keeping others at arms length prevents hurt or disappointment.
    • It’s your responsibility to fix or rescue or be in control.

    Now you…

    • Have an updated framework of strength and know that being able to feel your feelings actually creates resilience.
    • Know that authenticity doesn’t cost you connection.
    • Tell the truth about what you need and ask for help because you know being vulnerable makes you human.
    • Feel in control because you understand yourself and feel secure within.

      You’re kinder to yourself, more confident, and genuinely like who you are.

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      how we’ll work together

      As Simple as One, Two, Three

      When men are ready to do the work, they’re ready. They are all in, focused, sleeves rolled up, ready to dig in and recalibrate. And it leads to some pretty remarkable transformations.

      It doesn’t feel good going into something blindly though. So if you’re someone who likes to know the roadmap, here’s a glimpse of what you can expect:

      1. Identify

      You’ll have the opportunity to share your story with me. We’ll identify the challenging areas and stuck points of your life, the history behind it, and why it may be surfacing now.

      2. Explore

      Combining practicality and exploration, we’ll begin the work of going deeper to process the aspects of your life in need of attention.

      We’ll replace the strategies you were using to navigate life before with things that actually work, while also getting at the root of what’s tripping you up.

      Sometimes the path is straightforward, sometimes it’s more like taking the backroads. But it’s always intentional.

      3. Grow

      Whether you prefer lots of structure and predictability, or a bit more spaciousness and freedom, I’ll be there right alongside you building a space customized to your unique story and needs.

      With an acceptance that doesn’t ask you to filter yourself, a softness that invites you to set your armor down, and a steadiness that creates safety.

      Always with the goal of helping you discover a more sustainable strength and feel more in control of what’s happening within. 

      “Will you challenge me though?”

      Oh h*ll yes. Maybe not in the ways you’d expect or in the ways you think you need to be challenged. And not in a way that will overwhelm you either. But 1000% YES you will be challenged.

      Transformation that sticks

      Lasting growth isn’t microwaved. Those magic bullet quick solutions you want? They’re a myth. Or if they do offer something, it’s only temporary. Sort of like pushing a beach ball under water. It inevitably pops back up.

      No matter how many bandaids you put on an injury that requires surgery, it doesn’t end in long-term healing. Therapy is not so different. And you deserve lasting results, the kind of transformation that sticks.

      And by the way

      Strong Men Need Help Too

      Men are raised with messages telling them they’re supposed to be strong, independent, reliable. They’re supposed to provide or lead or rescue. And historically there hasn’t been much diversity when it comes to representations of manhood. No wonder you feel trapped.

      Getting support doesn’t mean you’re a failure. It doesn’t mean you’re weak or can’t handle your business.

      And I hate that you’ve been told otherwise. Because the truth is, needing help means you’re human. And it sure as h*ll tells me you care a whole lot for the people in your life that you’re willing to step into something new.  

      It takes a lot of courage to invest in you, try new ways of connecting with yourself, and learn different ways of dealing with stress.

      In case you’re getting ‘gas station sushi vibes’ 

      One look around my website and it’s no secret I love working with female-identifying folks. AND. I’m just as passionate about supporting men on their wellness journeys too. Men carry so much shame about who they are and how they feel. And spaces to heal and grow are sadly hard to find. That’s why I love teaming up with men to create the safe space they’ve been looking for, empower them to take what they discover in therapy into their day-to-day, and then watch their lives absolutely transform.

      the verdict is in

      What People Are Saying…

      "Strongly recommend Ali if you are looking for a counselor in Colorado. She creates a safe space to process, grow, and simply exist. Her insightful demeanor encourages vulnerability, and her practical feedback is great for working through anxiety and learning to be your true self."

      "You are in good, gentle, capable hands with Ali. She is an intuitive listener who brings expertise and compassion into sessions. Ali fosters safety in the way she works with trauma. Ali is incredibly disarming and her presence is comforting. If you want to start therapy and don’t know where to start, or if you’ve tried therapy and never really connected, I’d give Ali a shot."

      "Ali is awesome. She has a way of coming alongside you in your struggles with understanding and helps you to feel like you are not alone in whatever you’re going through. With empathy and a touch of humor, Ali creates a welcoming and open environment. Highly recommend Ali and Fio Counseling."

      "Ali is an attentive, compassionate, and present therapist who has an incredible skillset of working with trauma and identity formation. She offers a gentle yet direct presence in the therapy room. I highly recommend Ali!"

      “If you’re looking for a safe environment to talk through hard things, you couldn’t find a better place to land. Ali is compassionate, professional, kind, and insightful. Her presence makes you feel comfortable, welcomed, and encouraged.”

      “I went through the motions of finding ‘the right fit’ and Ali went above and beyond to be the person I needed. She is incredible at what she does and provides a space for you to feel safe, confident and honestly, amazing. Look no further, Ali is everything.”

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      If we decide we’re a good fit, we’ll start by exploring resources for building trust in our therapeutic relationship and within you. Then, at the pace that feels right to you, we’ll tend to the deeper layers of your experience. 

      3. Find Freedom

      You’re already enough, it’s time you start believing it. I’m here to help you get there. Rediscover who you are, break the cycle of self-hate that’s holding you back from feeling secure, and embrace the fullness of your life.

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