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Feeling held back by trauma?

You know it’s technically over and in the past, but it just doesn’t feel that way. The reminders are everywhere, like landmines waiting to go off. And even when you build your life around avoiding them, you’re blindsided by another flashback, another nightmare.

So you push harder, filling up your schedule and saying yes to way too many things, all so that you don’t have to spend a single minute thinking about how your life feels completely upside down. 

Or you constantly feel like your cup is overflowing. And not in a good way. You can’t really pinpoint something specific that set things on fire, it’s just always felt off. Empty.

Life has been one endless blur of going through the motions, and you haven’t recognized the person staring back at you in the mirror for a long time, maybe never. That person’s a stranger, not to be trusted, better left at arm’s length. You tell yourself, some things are just better left alone.

And then there’s relationships…between the ones you’ve sabotaged and the dysfunctional ones that smashed your heart into a trillion pieces, it’s been a sh*t show to say the least.

Friendships feel shallow and one-sided, family gatherings just leave you feeling out of the loop, and all you see behind you is a trail of disconnection. Whether you’re sitting at home by yourself or surrounded by people, the loneliness is suffocating.

And you can’t outrun the fears of being abandoned and alone.

You wonder, ‘why do I keep getting this wrong’ because it seriously shouldn’t be so hard.

Bye bye survival mode!

Okay, so what if I told you you’re not destined to feel like you’re drowning in trauma forever, moving through life like a shell of yourself.

Quite the opposite. You get to be free. As you untangle yourself from trauma, it no longer has the same charge, the same intensity, it doesn’t take up all the oxygen in the room anymore.

It’s still a part of your story and it matters, but it’s not tripping the silent alarms constantly like it used to. In fact, those alarms have been deactivated. No more dreaded landmine-reminders.

Shame isn’t swallowing you whole anymore.

Nope. Now you feel lighter, more confident in your own skin, no longer overwhelmed by your internal world, actually able to trust yourself. 

whoa this is it

This is the life I only dreamed was possible.

Life feels brighter, relationships don’t seem destined to fail, and you’re not so scared to be by yourself. The sense of safety and connection that’s alluded you forever is no longer out of reach. 

And as you move through relationships that feel balanced, communication that isn’t like pulling teeth, peaceful sleep, and moments that make you cackle-laugh, you realize, whoa…this is it. This is the life I only dreamed was possible.

and just in case

Trauma’s telling you a different story…

You are not too broken. There are no disqualifiers here. Whether the trauma happened yesterday or a lifetime ago. Whether it happened once or is layers deep. Whether you have memory of it or not…It’s never too late to break free.

Enough trauma to last three lifetimes

So you’re probably wondering what makes me the peanut butter to your jelly when it comes to healing your trauma.

Well for starters, I’ve been through enough trauma and loss to last three lifetimes. I’m much more familiar than I’d like to be with the disorientation that comes after trauma sets fire to your life. Or when it’s been building up like a million, tiny, paper cuts your whole life.

It’s why I’m so adamant about being on your team to help you take back your life. I know what’s waiting for you on the other side (and it’s better than you’ve imagined).

And listen, I get it. It’s pretty f*cking intimidating to face the thing you’ve been running from.  It makes so much sense to wonder about how you’ll feel or what might come up as you begin taking a closer look at your story.

So if there’s one thing I for sure want you to know when it comes to us working together to heal your trauma, it’s that we move at your pace (which is usually wayyy more slow and measured than you think at first).

We’ll explore resources to help you feel safe in your body, tend to the traumatized parts of you that have been forgotten or abandoned, and find a path forward that empowers you to thrive. And we’ll take our time updating and reorganizing all the files and pieces of you trauma’s impacted.

my approach

Empathy that invites you to stop holding your breath

Our work together is customized to your unique story and needs, weaving in evidenced-based trauma-informed strategies such as EMDR, Internal Family Systems (IFS) therapy, somatic techniques, and nervous system regulation and embodiment practices.

Which is just the fancy way of saying, I’m present with you on the deepest level. Dialed in, sleeves-rolled up, ready to laugh and cry with you, curious and compassionate all the way. With the kind of empathy that invites you to stop holding your breath and leaves you feeling seen, really seen.

Oh and by the way…

Looking into therapy is a sign you’re already healing.

Choosing to face your trauma and tend to those wounds is one of the bravest steps you can take on this journey.

Look at you, already doing the thing you’re scared of!

heal trauma & ptsd in colorado

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2. Invest In Yourself

If we decide we’re a good fit, we’ll start by exploring resources for building trust in our therapeutic relationship and within you. Then, at the pace that feels right to you, we’ll tend to the deeper layers of your experience. 

3. Find Freedom

Trauma may always be a part of your past, but it doesn’t have to define your future. The healing process looks different for everyone, but I’m here to help you feel safe, trusting, empowered, and confident again when you’re ready. 

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