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Curveballs knocking you off your game

The never-ending changes in life sure know how to pack a punch. Even if you see them coming and aren’t totally blindsided, transitions have a unique way of setting fire to the familiar. And there you are, fumbling through dense fog, or frozen in fear, trying to keep your footing through all of the uncertainty and unknowns. 

That position at work you counted on was suddenly ripped away, or you’re taking the leap and betting on yourself, or you’re disillusioned with the systems influencing your career trajectory and just. want. out. of the machine.

And now you’re disoriented in a career transition, overwhelmed by all the decisions and unfamiliarity and instability and judgmental looks from people when they ask what you’re up to lately.

Or you stepped into a new role at home like parenthood or becoming a caregiver to a loved one with new needs. And nothing looks familiar anymore. You feel lost and conflicted and you’re seriously doubting whether you can do this or not.

Then there’s the loss that makes your heart ache, the kind that leaves you suffocating in grief. Or maybe it’s any number of other earthquake life-events that have tossed your hopes and dreams out the window, completely eroding your confidence and capacity to make decisions.

And you can’t remember who you are or what matters to you, let alone have any f*cking clue about how you’re supposed to move forward.

There’s no wishing away change, that part’s here to stay (bummer, I know)

But hear me out. What if transitions didn’t have to feel so out of control?

And instead, you felt sturdy standing on your own two feet while life swirls around you – confident, supported, settled.

You stop trying to carry everything by yourself and actually ask for help, you let people weather the storms with you, hold the overwhelm of the loss with you. 

It doesn’t feel like you’re wandering aimlessly anymore. There’s clarity and purpose and fulfillment. And everything you’ve hoped for doesn’t feel so far off.

The pressure to have it all figured out isn’t keeping you awake at night, there’s a lot less paralysis by analysis, and you’re no longer googling questions about your kid 800 times a day.

Because you trust yourself. You’re clear on who you are and what matters to you, and you feel secure in yourself regardless of what life throws at ya.

And because as life shifted through all the change, there was permission to expand and evolve alongside it, to color outside the lines and make room for new dimensions of yourself. Turns out, that was exactly what you needed to find your way back to YOU. 

self-esteem support

No matter what you try, the not enough narrative haunts you.

Despite how well you do, how much you crush it at work, how available and accommodating you are for your friends, that voice telling you that you suck only gets louder.

You compare yourself to others at every turn, always feeling like you’re a step behind, not really sure if you’re even living the life you want to live. 

So you push away compliments, constantly apologize, put yourself down before someone else gets the chance, and always feel uneasy about being seen.

You keep finding yourself in relationships where your needs aren’t being met. It’s brutal trying to identify what you need, let alone ask for it. And you feel guilty ever putting yourself first

hating yourself

Might be what’s most familiar, but it’s holding you back.

This has been your life for as long as you can remember. The last time you liked yourself was before that girl (who was supposed to be your best friend) started bullying you in grade school, and never stopped.

Or before you realized your parents just couldn’t ever seem to figure out how to celebrate you…accept you.

So up went the barriers, wall after wall of people-pleasing and hiding and self-criticism to protect yourself.

But now they’re preventing you from thriving.

What if you could get off the rollercoaster of comparison…

…and learn to love who you really are? Like, for real. Just imagine:

  • Cutting ties with imposter syndrome once and for all.
  • Letting kindness in.
  • Taking up space instead of shrinking yourself.
  • Believing your needs matter.
  • Understanding yourself and actually liking who you see in the mirror.

Imagine believing those amazing humans you’re doing life with like you for you, no strings attached. They don’t leave if you’re not always on. They still want to be friends even though you like mint chocolate chip ice cream and they think that’s akin to having toothpaste for dessert. 

And if your people haven’t found their way to you yet, they’re out there, just waiting to be dazzled by all of your quirks and charms and imperfections and things that make you uniquely you. But they don’t find you until you let them see you. Until you believe you’re worth it. And you will.

Because the authentic, confident you is still in there, just waiting for an invitation to come out and play. And that version of you doesn’t waste time with comparison bullsh*t. That version knows the things you’re convinced are flaws are actually your superpowers.

It’s time to start feeling like you again.

When life is unrecognizable, you need someone who’s on your team more than ever. Someone to anchor you through the change and help you to find your way back to you.

And when you’re stuck in self-hate, another list of affirmations or mindset hacks just isn’t gonna cut it.

Affirmations are beautiful (and we can absolutely use those if that’s your vibe), but if that was all it took to get unstuck, you wouldn’t be here.

I know what it’s like to be in the thick of it. Gosh I know how hard it is to find your way through a non-linear life and how brutal it is when you’re struggling with self-esteem.

I also know you have everything already within you needed to turn the page and write a beautiful story. Helping you see that? Well, that’s kinda my jam.  

rediscovering goodness

I don’t even know you yet & I already know you’re amazing.

Because that’s my superpower. I see beyond all the labels and lies and gunk that’s been stuck on you, and I see right through to everything that makes you the astonishing, marvelous, unicorn that you are.

I love being a mirror for you, one without all the tarnishing and fogging, so that you see yourself like that too. Because it’s true.

We’ll carve out a space for you to ask the hard, scary questions, and find deeper ways of understanding yourself. You’ll learn to tolerate uncertainty and mystery. I’ll challenge you (but probably not in the ways you think), and I’ll be cheering for you and every. single. hard-won step forward. We’ll turn the dial up on self-compassion and down on negative self-talk.

Learning to love yourself is not just possible, it’s inevitable.

You’ve always been enough. It’s time you start believing it.

You’ll be surprised when it starts to sink in, it’ll feel kinda like magic. But I won’t be surprised for a second, ’cause I knew all along that’s where we’d end up. It’s what you dared to dream could be yours. Starting here, in this very moment. Ooooh I can’t wait to meet you!

shine again

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