what’s it worth to you

To finally get unstuck? To actually feel better? To like your life?

Therapy is an investment, in every sense of the word. It totally asks you to dedicate your time, energy, and resources.

But not without return. Every ounce of what you invest comes back around. It isn’t just tossed into the wind.

Because you’re investing in YOU. And the ripple effect from there?

Well, it basically impacts everything, starting with the people you care about and how you spend the very fleeting minutes of this one and only life.

You can be in therapy as long as you’d like…

…there’s never any rush on my end. Some see it as a nourishing rhythm similar to yoga or going to the gym or getting your hair done, and they like to keep it going. And I’m here for that.

But since most people (especially the complex trauma cuties) are worried about being in therapy forever, let me assure you: You won’t be. 

I’m always working to work myself out of a job.

 Not because I don’t like what I do (I f*cking love it) or don’t want to spend time with you (I usually wish we could be besties three sessions in), but because you deserve to really heal, to thrive.

That’s the outcome of our work together. As you get at the underlying roots contributing to what’s holding you back, you come alive. Your support system’s flourishing, all the disorganized files of your life are filed away neatly for once, you honestly reach a point where you no longer need therapy

I’m fully invested too – invested in your healing, in you finding your way back to yourself.

And I have the freedom to be all in when it’s just you and me, no insurance companies dictating all the details…’cause I think you and I should get a say in how long and often we meet, don’t you?

And I think you should have the flexibility and freedom for this journey to really be yours.

the nitty gritty

Session Fees


30 Minute Session



60 Minute Session



90 Minute Session