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Feeling stuck in anxiety?

Anxiety has a way of making people feel defective. But the truth is, it’s a reflection of underlying realities that make a lot of sense. Anxiety is often our body’s way of communicating about emotions that feel too overwhelming to process, or about experiences that have gotten stuck within us over time. 

At best, anxiety is the annoying hum in the background of your life wearing you out. At worst, it’s debilitating.

  • You find yourself restructuring your life to avoid the terror of another panic attack.
  • Making decisions feels daunting.
  • You second-guess your perception, your choices, everything really.
  • Your inner voice is harsh and critical, which, frankly, is exhausting.
  • Working harder, pushing farther, and hustling more isn’t helping like you thought it would.

Anxiety: The Monster In Your Closet

Anxiety may show up in high-achieving and perfectionism. On the outside, you seem successful and put-together. On the inside, the pressure is crippling. And you’re terrified that if you slow down, or don’t get things just right, everything will crumble.

Or maybe anxiety shows up for you through people-pleasing. You want to be authentic but it feels so risky to be seen and known. You’re sick of the disconnection that comes with shrinking yourself, but the fear of what people with think of you is LOUD.

You’re ready to feel confident and centered, and we’re ready to help you get there.

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Therapy For Anxiety Can Help

As pesky as it can be, anxiety is a signal that wants and needs your attention. It tends to be a protective response to real or perceived threats, or a reflection of core emotions being pushed down. So as you learn to connect with your emotions and move through them, anxiety decreases.

It’s one thing to talk about feeling your feelings, it’s another thing to do it. And we get it: It feels scary to go there.

At the pace that feels right for you, we’ll explore the adaptive role anxiety is playing in your life. We’ll repair the painful experiences that have shaped the way you relate to your emotions, and you’ll learn to experience them in a safe way. And we’ll explore alternate ways of supporting your nervous system to deal with difficult experiences.

You’ll learn to approach your anxiety like it’s a friend rather than a monster hiding in your closet.

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Anxiety Counseling in Colorado

Tailoring our approach to your unique story and needs, we’ll weave in evidenced-based trauma-informed interventions such as Internal Family Systems (IFS) therapy, somatic techniques, and nervous system regulation and embodiment practices.

Anxiety Is Our Specialty

  • Say goodbye to worst-case scenario planning.
  • Tame the spiraling thoughts, and experience peace.
  • Break free from endless hustling, and find balance.
  • Experience the relief you’re craving.
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Ready to feel like you’ve got this?

1. Let's Talk

Schedule a free, no-pressure consultation call to determine if we’re a good fit. We’ll discuss your goals for therapy, how we might support you, and any other questions you have before getting started.

2. Invest In Yourself

If we decide we’re a good fit, we’ll start by exploring resources for building trust in our therapeutic relationship and within you. Then, at the pace that feels right to you, we’ll tend to the deeper layers of your experience. 

3. Find Freedom

Finding relief from anxiety is possible, & we’re here to help you feel confident and authentic again. And in case you’re second-guessing it: Reaching out for support isn’t a reflection of failure or weakness. It’s quite the opposite. 

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Having the right therapist join you on your healing journey can make all the difference.
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