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Anxiety: The Monster In Your Closet

Every time you turn around, anxiety’s right there waiting, lurking in the shadows, ready to remind you of all the what-if’s and worst-case scenarios.

So you live your life always waiting for the other shoe to drop, second-guessing everything, avoiding decision-making like the plague, and restructuring your life to avoid the terror of another panic attack.

At best, it’s the annoying hum in the background of your life wearing you out. At worst, it’s debilitating. But it’s always there.

There beneath the perfectionism. On the outside, you seem successful and put-together. On the inside, the pressure is crippling. And you’re terrified that if you slow down, or don’t get things just right, everything will crumble.

It’s there woven into your people-pleasing. It’s easier to shrink yourself and stay small, because authenticity feels way too risky. And the fear of what people will think of you is deafening.

It’s there when you’re out at brunch, stepping into something new at work, trying to put yourself out there in that new relationship, all by yourself on a Sunday night, when you don’t have all the answers, when life feels out of control.

It’s there in the knots in your stomach, the migraines and body pain that just won’t let up, the never-ending restless nights and jumbled thoughts and chewed up fingernails. For something that keeps you on-edge all the time, it sure is f*cking exhausting.

Imaging waking up tomorrow and the hum of anxiety was even 5% quieter…

Instead of the familiar disruption of anxiety constantly demanding you drop everything to notice it, there’s actually room to breathe.

And little by little your defensive reflexes to start to relax. The fight or flight energy fades to the background.

 Now you get to be present at that birthday party instead of preoccupied with all the what-ifs. And you’re confident taking on that new thing because the fear of failure isn’t screaming at you anymore.

You’re saying ‘no’ to things and setting boundaries and prioritizing your needs without the extra guilt, waking up refreshed because you finally slept peacefully for the first time in years.

And it’s all allowing you to show up more fully in the spaces you enjoy. 

You feel like you’re connecting in your relationships, taking the risk and asking them out for coffee, having that hard conversation, not shape-shifting to save face.

life feels balanced and peaceful

And you start experiencing the relief

you’ve been craving all this time.

Because now you understand your anxiety isn’t a sign you’re messed up but is really a reflection of underlying realities that make a whole lot of sense.

And you’re learning to approach anxiety like a friend rather than a monster in your closet (yep, I know that seems backwards).

With your newfound tools and confidence, you’re able to listen to the ways your body’s communicating instead of getting overwhelmed and trying to cram your emotions away in the infamous junk drawer.

Ready to live a life that feels as good as sunshine?

Of course you do! I love to hear it, and I can help. 

The life you long for is more accessible than you think. 

We’re gonna take this thing that feels all-consuming and break it down into bite-size chunks. Starting with me letting you in on a little secret: the pesky signal that is anxiety tends to be a protective response to real or perceived threats, or a reflection of core emotions being pushed down. So as you learn to connect with your emotions and move through them, anxiety decreases.

I get it though…it’s  one thing to talk about feeling your feelings, it’s another thing to actually do it. And you’d rather take a phone call from someone you don’t know, then do that.

Don’t worry, that’s where I come in. 

At the pace that feels right for you, we’ll explore the adaptive role anxiety is playing in your life. We’ll repair the painful experiences that have shaped the way you relate to your emotions, and you’ll learn to experience them in a safe way. And we’ll put together a toolbox of resources to deal with the nerve-wracking, pressure-cooker moments.

And step by step, you’ll take back the CEO chair of your life and start calling the shots again.

my approach

A calming presence that helps you stop the runaway train 

Our work together is customized to your unique story and needs, weaving in evidenced-based trauma-informed strategies such as EMDR, Internal Family Systems (IFS) therapy, somatic techniques, and nervous system regulation and embodiment practices.

Which is just the fancy way of saying, I’m tuned in, with zero judgment or expectations and the kind of calming presence that helps you slow down the runaway train. With intentional interruptions and questions for just the right amount of structure. And with curiosity that leaves lots of freedom to explore what you need to.

The biggest difference maker?

You’re never left to figure this sh*t out on your own.

I’m with you every step of the way, like a trusted roadtrip co-pilot there to help you make sense of the map and find your way, while queuing up the sickest playlist and handing you your favorite snacks.

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3. Find Freedom

Finding relief from anxiety is possible, & I’m here to help you get there. And in case you’re second-guessing it: Reaching out for support isn’t a reflection of failure or weakness. It’s the exact opposite. 

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