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Fio means “become” in Latin. Fio Counseling was born from the idea that to be human is to be on a journey of becoming: Becoming who you hope to be and becoming who you’ve always been. Trauma has a way of disconnecting us from ourselves. And yet, I believe we are hardwired to heal. Sometimes we simply need a compassionate witness to guide us back to ourselves and help us find a meaningful path forward. You don’t have to go it alone.

Anxiety Therapy

Anxiety has a way of making people feel defective. When the truth is, it’s a reflection of underlying realities that make a lot of sense. Anxiety is often our body’s way of communicating about emotions that feel too overwhelming to process or about experiences that have gotten stuck within us over time. Our nervous systems are designed to protect us from real or perceived threats. So as frustrating and exhausting as anxiety is, it’s rooted in your protection.

We’ll tune into what’s happening on the surface to find the root of your symptoms. Together, we’ll explore the adaptive role anxiety is playing in your life, and discover alternate ways of supporting your nervous system to deal with difficult experiences.

Anxiety may be…
  • An echo of your past and your body’s way of keeping you safe in the aftermath of trauma.
  • Connected to the big questions you have about yourself and the world.
  • A reflection of the systems and societal constructs you live within.

Trauma Therapy

Trauma is any experience that overwhelms our nervous system. It’s less about the event and more about what happens within us as a result of experiencing such painful and threatening moments alone. It happens to all of us, shaping how we live and love on every level.

Maybe you’ve noticed trauma disrupting your relationship with yourself. You feel a sense of distrust towards your body, mind, perception, and intuition. You feel disconnected from yourself or unsettled in your own skin.

Or maybe you’ve noticed trauma disrupting your relationships with others. You feel like you’re on the outside looking in. Closeness and security in relationships feel impossible or always out of reach.

You don’t have to stay stuck in survival mode or weighed down by shame. We’ll take a slow and gentle approach to update your nervous system and story. We’ll explore resources to help you feel safe in your body, tend to the parts of you that have been forgotten or abandoned, and find a pathway forward that empowers you to thrive.

Identity Exploration & Self-Esteem

Our relationships with ourselves might be the most important relationship we ever have. Knowing who we are and what we value provides a launch point for how we engage with the world around us. Though it’s easy to feel lost amidst life’s constant changes, it’s possible to feel confident in yourself and your body. It’s possible to set boundaries that honor your capacity and to prioritize your needs without feeling guilty.  

We’ll carve out a space for you to ask the hard, scary questions and find deeper ways of understanding yourself. I’ll support you in creating your own road map for moving through milestones and navigating the ever-evolving experience of being human. You deserve to feel a sense of clarity about you and to show up as your whole, unique self.

You may…
  • Be experiencing a career transition, becoming a mom, processing a medical diagnosis for yourself or a loved one, dealing with the deluge of injustices and tragedies happening globally and nationally, or searching for meaning amidst the ordinary and mundane.
  • Be questioning your identity and worth on the other side of painful or sudden relationship endings, or as you emerge from abusive relationships.
  • Feel unsure of your identity as it relates to your spirituality, sexuality, or gender.
  • Extend kindness and acceptance towards everyone but yourself.
  • Experience chronic insecurity and self-doubt.

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